Tomorrow isn't guaranteed



Today I came across this picture and then it hit me.
The sentence "why are you always waiting? tomorrow isn't guaranteed", sometimes crosses
my mind.
I make lists of what I need/want to do this week or ever in my life, but most of the time it doesn't happen or isn't happened yet.
Then I think, why don't I just go for it tomorrow. Oh well, you know the bug that's called fixed obligations and that is especially school.
Holidays and fun things often need to be scheduled due to a busy school schedule.
A shame, because sometimes the best things are spontaneous, aren't they?

Oh well, once I'll do it, spontaneous take a car, train, bus or boat to a nice destination

With the boyfriend and lots of
spontaneity! :)

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5 fijne reacties

  1. Jaaa ik begrijp u! Eigenlijk zijn wij toch maar zo nietig he, in deze grote (boze) wereld. Trek er mee op uit, breek grenzen open! (Ok sorry dat kwam ineens in mij op, komt uit een chirolied)

  2. Great picture! I'm going to try to be more spontaneous this weekend! :)

  3. Haha geweldig trouwens dat uilenpak! Moet wel gigantisch warm zijn voor zo'n klein manneke denk ik!


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