I'm going on an adventure


Okay, I have great news.Remember when I posted that we always wait and fun moments are often postponed? I had to change this!

Exactly 37 days from now, I'm leaving on an adventure. I'm going to study abroad for four months, Valencia to be exact. It's a decision that I've already made last school year. A decision which I still don't regret but I start to have some nerves.

How will it be there? Will the school be happy to take me in? Will I manage to live independently? Will I miss my friends and family? Can I get used to living abroad? Am I going to miss my boy really bad?

All these questions haunt my head but next to these questions there is also the tremendous enthusiasm to go there.

Meet new people. Living in another country. Getting to know another culture. Live completely independently. Enjoying the student life.

I am now fully occupied by my exams but I have actually still much preparation to do. My flight isn't booked yet, I still have to search for an apartment, and many other things.

I'll keep you up-to-date!

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