Let the fun begin


On Sunday, July 17th I also spend a day at the Dour Festival. It was my first time but it was fantastic.

Mud, great atmosphere and good groups. The perfect package for a good festival.


The groups that I've seen are Sx, Airship and The Bewitched Hands. For me, Airship was the best group because of their great sound and they were great with the audience !


What is now on the program?

4 days London
2 days Cologne
1 or 2 days Lokerse Feesten
3 days Feest In Het Park
3 days Pukkelpop
1 day Rockabilly Day

and perhaps much more ...

I will keep you up to date.


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  1. Hello I am Marcus the guitarist in Airship. Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the show! Love that you got that photo of the rainbow, I tried...but unfortunately it didn't come out. Check out my photography blog if you're ever bored: http://handsomejewel.blogspot.com/
    Peace x


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