London, Feest in het park & Pukkelpop


I have had a very busy period and I'm going to tell you everything.

First of all, my boy and I went to London for 4 days.
It were four fantastic days but we were not entirely at ease by the riots that prevailed at that time.
We didn't suffer much from the riots but if you are currently in the city, you think about that anyway.
We had nice weather and we've seen a lot of London in those four days.

The very day after I returned from London, I left with two friends to the Feest in het Park festival.
Those were three days of music and fun at Oudenaarde!
Those three days we unfortunately have had bad weather but the music was goooood.
Feest in het Park this year had some top artists on the program like Sean Paul, Gabriel Rios, Das Pop, Netsky, Triggerfinger and much more!

The day after I returned from Feest in het Park, I left with my sweetheart and a friend to Pukkelpop.

Pukkelpop is a 3-days during festival at Kiewit, Hasselt.
It promised to be four great days with very warm weather and a smashing program with groups like Foo Fighters, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, No Use for a Name, The Offspring and many, many more.
But nature has decided otherwise.
Wednesday, August 17 was a sweltering hot day.
We toiled and sweated until we finally had secured a spot on the camping
Thursday, August 18 began as a beautiful day. We went to see some groups but after we saw The Wombats, we felt it was time for us to refresh ourselves. The next group that we wanted to see did not start until 7:15 p.m. so we had plenty of time.
That day there was rain forecast so we just went in our tent when the drops began to fall from the sky. This was the beginning of a huge storm but at the time we had no clue. There were 3 of us in our tent and we had to use all of our power to keep our tent on the ground during this 10 minutes storm.
After the wind, thunder, lightning, rain and hail, we unwittingly opened our tent and we were shocked by the devastation that this storm had caused.
At the campsite, everybody thought initially that the festival would simply resume until gradually seeped through that there were many people injured and that there were even people who died. Then it was clear to us that
Pukkelpop 2011 was over, which is normal after the events that happened.

My thoughts go out to the people who lost their lives, who were wounded and who have
experienced this storm. It was terrible

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