First days


For some of us, tomorrow is the very very very very first day of a brand new school year, BUT not for me!
I passed all my exams last school year  so I've already had two months to relax. Here in Belgium at college, school doesn't start until mid - late September so I still have some free time ahead.

I had some plans this summer that I had told you about.

4 Days London
2 days Cologne
1 or 2 days Lokerse Feesten
3 Days Feest in het park
3 days Pukkelpop
1 day Rockabilly Day

Meanwhile there are already some plans that I added.

2 days Cologne
1 day Rockabilly Day
1 day Pukemarock
1 day Elements Festival

After this fun, school will also start again for me.
On to the second year of my education

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