DIY - mustache stamp


In my previous post, I expressed my love for the mustaches among us.
Now I've made ​​something great, a mustache stamp.

Very simple and very fun!

What you need
a gum
a knife or other sharp thing
a template
a pen
a little patience
a steady hand

and last but not least


What you'll do
You choose a mustache template - you can get it on the net or just draw one yourself -. Here you have the one that I used


You cut this out

You put the mustache on the gum and draw the contours

You cut the contour of the mustache on the gum with your knife
You peel the gum piece by piece around the contours

and tadaaaaa!

Now just make it black with ink and you can brighten the world with your homemade mustache! Hoo - ray

This one's mine

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