DIY - Polymer clay necklace


It were summer holidays here in Belgium so I had a lot of time to do some little projects.
First I made some polymer clay necklaces. For the one's who don't know what polymer clay is, I'll explain it!

Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay. The clay can be found in every colour possible, from bright white to dark blue and from fluo pink to earthy brown. You can shape it as you want. You can make little puppets or animals or you can make necklaces out of it like I do. When you made a figure you just have to put it in an oven for half an hour and your figure is solid as a rock ;)

Now the necklaces!

The bird
First of all, I printed out the template that you can find below. You can make it any size you want. Then I cut the template out of paper and put it on some brown clay that I already flattened with my rolling pin. You can make it as thick or as flat as you want!

Then I used a cutter to cut the bird out of the clay. After that I made a little hole in one of the wings to put a jumpring through. Then it was ready to bake in the oven!

After it was 'baked' I put a jumpring through the little whole in the wing and I put a chain through the jumpring. To finish it I put a little bit of varnish on the bird to make it shiny. Ready to wear!

The triangle
How I made the triangle is similar to the bird. The only difference is that I used the triangle templates but that is obvious I think ;)

I'll add the templates later because I'm not writing on my own computer right now!

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