October photo challenge 25 - 31


These are the last, the last of a-picture-every-day, the last of a month in pictures.

25. decoration// This is a very old and very decorated clock.

26. leaf// It's autumn so the leaves are turning yellow, red and orange.This is a beautiful yellow one that I found.

27. hidden// I was folding my sisters laundry and then this guy came around. You have to look twice to find him ;)

28. shape// Don't ask me what shape this is but I think it is a nice one. This is a DIY-project of mine.

29. starts with "H"// hat! This is a very funny hat. It's pink with a crocodiles snout.

30. soft// It's a cream that I made, and of course it's a soft one!

31. i wore..// not a halloween costume. I had a party but it wasn't halloween themed so this is what I wore. There is a little bit of halloween in it because of the orange!

That's all folks. This was the october photo challenge of 2013. I enjoyed it and will do it again another month when I find another interesting challenge.

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