DIY teardrop necklace


I see those statement necklaces flooding my Pinterest and Instagram
but what are those things?
A statement necklace is a very big and chunky necklace, a necklace that makes a statement to be exact. You can wear this with a very sober outfit, this brightens your outfit in a heartbeat. You can find them in any shape, colour and length. You have chokers that, what's in a name, kinda chokes you. It's a very short necklace. You also have the longer kind with less choke intention.

I was wondering if I couldn't make such a statement necklace myself. I found these cute teardrops at the fleamarket and got started right away. My necklace doesn't have as much teardrops as I would have liked but I didn't had much of the little teardrops so three pieces it was!

Let's get this party started!

Okay, first of all you need some crystal teardrops. Oh well, mine are crystal but some plastic ones can also do the trick! I found mine at the fleamarket but maybe you have a grandmother that used to have such a beautiful chandelier but the poor thing is broken now. That's good news for you because you can use these beauties! I also found some of these on Ebay, click here.

What else, let's see! Nailpolish, I used two different colours because I have 3 crystals. This is all up to you, you can paint them all in the same colour or all different colours, you can paint a pattern or ... not. Use your creativity!

Then you'll need some chain because you want to make a necklace, or at least that's what we're doing here! And some jumprings to attach the crystals to the chain and a lobster clasp to close your necklace.

First things first, you start with painting your crystals. I only painted one side of the crystal so the colour would shine through the crystal and isn't too dull. You have to have some patience because you have to do 2 or 3 coats and you know how much time it takes for nailpolish to dry.

When they're nicely dried, you can attach the jumprings. First attach them to the crystals and then connect the crystals to the chain. You might have to count the links because the crystals have to be right in the middle. Then one jumpring at both ends of the chain and a lobster clasp on one of them and you're ready! You made your very own statement necklace! A round of applause!

If some of you also made one of these, I would like to see them! Just post the link below.

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6 fijne reacties

  1. Wouw wat een superleuk idee!
    Leuke blog heb je ook!

  2. Wat slim bedacht! Lijkt net zo'n prijzige ketting van de zara ofzo haha! X

  3. Creatief, echt leuk gedaan !!! liefs,

  4. Ik vind het prachtig, vooral ook de kleuren. Ik had nog nooit van de term 'statement necklace' gehoord, dus weer wat geleerd!

  5. Wat leuk! Vooral die paarse kleur geeft een mooi effect!


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