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Words. Or quotes. I love quotes. I love the way they can describe exactly what you think or feel in just a few words or lines. Some of the quotes you read online are very cheesey and describe that your boyfriend or girlfriend is THE ONE. I'm not talking about that kind of quotes. I'm talking about the ones that say something about life or that can exactly describe how you feel about something. That's why I like quotes!

No, I didn't made a mistake. It really says 'do before you think' and not 'think before you do'. The last one is one of the most used quotes I think. It is logical too, you have to think before you do.

But I don't agree with that, not in every case. Sometimes it's smart to think before you do. Let's say you want to ride a motorcycle but you've never done that before and you don't have a liscense to drive a motorcycle. Then it's probably best that you think seriously before doing it.

The situations that this quote applies to, are situations where you learn something. Especially when you're little. The best way to learn something is to do it, not to think about it. For example, when you want a child to learn that when you mix red with yellow it becomes orange. You can explain that 100 times and let them think about it 101 times but they won't get it until you let them do it, until you let them actually mix the colors and see that it turns into orange.

This can apply to adults too. If you want to learn how to knit, you can read all the books you want or look at every tutorial on pinterest. You will not be able to knit until you actually did it!

And that's why I think there is truth in this quote. This doesn't apply to anything ofcourse. When a child has to learn that they can't cross the street at any spot because that's dangerous, they have to take your word for it. That's not a case of doing before thinking. But after my explanation, I think you can understand what I mean.

So don't be afraid to just do without overthinking!

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