Instamonth - november 2013


November flew by in the blink of an eye! I can't believe how fast a month can pass by. We're december already, a month that's all about winter and holidays. I did a lot in november, take a look!

My boyfriend and I enjoyed a homemade Gin Tonic // I bought myself a real moschino belt at the fleamarket, score!

I'm taking an online Photoshop course and this was my first try, three doggies // I looooove ferrero rocher, my guilty pleasure

I went thriftshopping, my favorite thing to do in weekends // Icecream, my boyfriend and the fireplace, what more do I need?

I bought a special kind of tea, at first it looks like a little and dry ball of grass. Once you put water over it, it turns into a beautiful flower and it tastes good too // My boyfriend bought new shoes and the day after I bought new ones too

I saw a car with eyelashes on the steet // Capri-Sun, sweet!

My boyfriend and I made cocktails together and drank it, of course, at the fireplace // I passed at a gas station and saw these nice golden chairs. Instant queen feeling right there

It's getting really cold so I already got my mittens out of the closet // Not much after that it started snowing, those mittens came in handy!

I made the first snowball this winter, verrrry cold // My sister and I made our first homemade Thai food, it tasted good!

My best friend and I went to Ikea and we found these adorable hand puppets // Romantic walk through the park

It's been a long time since I last got one of these, Double Dip. Yummy!

Next time the instamonth post will probably be filled with the joy of holidays! Be prepared for christmas trees, lights and presents!

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  1. Wat een lieve foto van jou en je vriend! Ode aan cocktails <3 En huh, hier (nog) geen sneeuw gezien! En dat gephotoshopte fotootje (duh) ziet er cool uit, goed gedaan! :) Precies een hele toffe, drukke maand gehad!


Ik vind het leuk dat je de tijd neemt om een reactie neer te schrijven.