Christmas 2013 wishlist


In case you haven't noticed, christmas is coming up! While christmas trees and decorations are now all you can see in the streets and stores, I'm thinking what to buy for familiy and friends. We don't have the tradition to buy a little gift for someone you picked out of a hat. I just buy every member of the family a little something. I like giving gifts, it makes me happy too!

While I'm scanning the web for the best presents, I often think "hmm, I could use that" or "ooooh, that looks pretty". After a lot of those ooooh's, I made my own christmas wishlist. Some things that I would like to get from Santa.

1 Masking or washi tape; great for snailmail and to wrap presents- Hema
2 Stamp making set; this would come handy- Noeks webshop
3 Blank tote bags; I want to print my own tote bags - Etsy
4 Simple black blouse; a basic- H&M
5  Polaroid film; I like the new ones with the colored frame - The Impossible Project
6  Flamingo blouse; a blouse with a fun print - Persunmall
7 Monoï de Tahiti perfume; smells like paradise - Yves Rocher 
8 Jacket; one for the last days of winter and the beginning of spring - Pull&Bear
9 Statement necklace; this goes great with the black blouse - Veritas
10  Storage box for my jewlery; or for all the stuff from my own jewlery making- Pipoos

Last but not least, I would like lots and lots of these. Tights! At the moment I'm all about wearing skirts but my legs can't stand the cold so tights it is. The only disadvantage is that everywhere I go, I always bump into something and that leaves me with a gap in my tights. So that's why I need a lot ;).

These are the things that I would like, not that I need (maybe the last one is one that I need ;) ). Most of all I like a handmade present that's made especially for me with a lot of love! My boyfriend once made me a box with little scenes of what we did together, the best present ever!

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8 fijne reacties

  1. Ah! super leuke post, leuk gedaan en die ketting vind ik tof!


  2. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  3. Yay voor het guts setje! Je eigen stempels maken! Fijn lijstje:-)!

  4. Oeh ik word zo blij van al die kerst wishlists, daar haal ik zelf zoveel dingen uit haha! Kan ik mijn eigen lijstje weer aan gaan passen, dankjewel voor de inspiratie ;-)!!

    Liefs Rosie

  5. Leuke wishlist, de ketting is heel mooi x

  6. Hehe, leuk, die kousen er nog bij op 't einde :-) Mooie wish list! Hopelijk kan je er na de feesten alles afschrappen!

  7. Goeie wishlist! Mooie statement ketting :)


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