Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman


I like wearing dresses. Even if it's winter, I don't care. I just wear thick thights underneath.
There are a lot of dresses in my closet right now and I just keep buying more. Don't understand me wrong, I'm not a shopaholic or something like that. Most of my dresses are from thriftshops so I don't spend that much money on them.
This is my top 5 of dresses for this moment. Oh, and the quote in the title is from Coco Chanel ;)

This is my favourite dress! I wore it on my 21st birthday party and that was an awesome party ;). It's a pretty thick, green dress with great detailing in the print. You can actually feel the print!

ZARA - €45

The dress has a low back so you have to wear a sticky bra with only cups ;)

The detailing. The picture is not that good, sorry.

This is a very thin dress. I bought it in Valencia when I was there on Erasmus. It's purple-blueish. You have to wear a little belt with it because otherwise it's like I'm wearing a very big grandma shirt ;).

Little shop in Valencia - € 5

There are some studs on the fake pockets.

This is a piece of art, even if I say so myself! This is a dress that my mom and I bought on a fleamarket. It was a very long, big and thick dress for grandma's. We bought it and made a tailor-made piece.
I really like it.

Fleamarket - € 2

This is another thriftbeauty. I bought it at "de kringloopwinkel" what is dutch for thriftshop. It was a former bridesmaids dress. You can imagine that it wasn't that pretty. But again we made a beauty!

Thriftshop - € 6

This is why we bought the dress in the first place. Because of the beautiful back.

And last but not least, my summer dress. It's a strapless dress that you can just put on and
you're ready to go!

Shop in London - € 15

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