October photo challenge 1 - 8


1. ground//you can see it, there's a spider on the ground underneath that cup. I'm not that fond of spiders so I let it sit there untill my sister came downstairs to set it free.

2. organize//I'm not a very organized person as you can see. This is my box with materials to make body butters and stuff but I have to reorganize I think. Although it's very messy, I can always find what I'm looking for (or most of the time ;) )

3. share//I share a cookie with Max, my sisters dog. He's the cutest and kindest dog that I know!

4. I feel...//LAZY! This is already made cookie dough. It's even all rolled up so you just have to preheat the oven and cut the "cookie-sausage" into little cookies, bake them and ready to eat! Maybe first let them cool down a bit.

5. above//I see the sun alot these days (except today it was grey and rainy). It's now autumn and the weather is still bearable ;)

6. new//my new ride. I got my drivers license in January and now I have my own car. It's a Toyota Aygo and he's very smooth on the road!

7. travel//thinking of going abroad again for another 6 months. Not quite sure where to go.

8. details//the details on my favourite dress are amazing, as you can see. Or not, this picture is a little blurry.

So this is my first batch of pictures for the october photo challenge. I think it's very fun to do and it brings a little creativity to each day ;)

To be continued...

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