October photo challenge 17 - 24


The third week of the challenge and how fast time can pass us by. I'm just shooting a picture every day and realizing now, after 3 weeks, that it has already been 3 weeks since I started this challenge. Time can fly, that's for sure.

But anyway, brace yourself and see what I saw through my camera this week.

17. late// Days are getting shorter in Belgium because we're heading for winter. This picture was taken around 18.30h so not very late but after this all my pictures would have been black.

18. on the wall// Gotta catch'em all, POKEMON. While I'm working at my sisters, I'm also sleeping here. I get to sleep in one of the boys rooms and there are pokémons all over the wall. I feel pretty safe at night ;)

19. layer// This was a possibility that I didn't knew before. You can see a pinguin and a kind of gemstone. The two layers put above eachother gives it a quite mysterious look.

20. pattern// This is one of my favourite blouses for the moment. It's a thrifted and worked on item. If you look closely, you can see the pattern of a fox.

21. unique// This is pretty unique at this time of year, the sun. Autumn is all about rain and leaves that are changing colour and falling down but sometimes we get to see the sun, I love it.

22. fall is..// finding the occasional mushroom. I have to look for them in the garden because there are 3 dogs running and playing around there so they get crushed very often. But this is a brave survivor!

23. a number// one. This is a worry doll that I gave to my sister today.

24. orange// I bought this orange juice a couple of days ago in Albert Heijn. The reason I liked it better then every other orange juice there, is because it is made from oranges from Valencia, my 2nd home.
Now I'm shooting pictures for the last week and I'm thinking about taking a-photo-a-day. Starting from the 1st of January 2014, I want to take a photo everyday. I'm just thinking about it now because sometimes I'm so busy that I can forget to take a photograph.

We'll see ;)

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