The bucket list


Do you have a bucket list?

Yes, I do. I think it's a hype nowadays because I see bucket lists appearing everywhere. This could be a hype for quite some time now but as you know (or don't), my little country is a bit behind in that kinda stuff ;).

Maybe I should give an explanation first about what a bucket list now actually is.

A bucket list is a list that someone makes with things he or she wants to do before he or she dies. Sometimes you can see terminally sick people do so. This phenomena has become very popular after the film 'The bucket list'. The film is about two men who coincidental meet after they both got diagnosed with cancer. Both are terminally sick so one guy, who previously made a bucket list, now let that thought go. But the other convinces him to take on his bucket list and together they work their way through eachothers list.

But okay, back to my bucket list. My list is on pinterest, you can find it here if you're interested. There are very trivial matters on there like find the perfect little black dress or learn how to juggle. But there are major things on there too like go deep sea diving or move to a different country or have my dreamjob.

I have to say my bucket list is quite short on pinterest at the moment but I'm expanding it ;).

This is my top 5 that I definitly want to accomplish in my life:

Not everything is still 'on' my bucket list. I sure have accomplished some things like graduate or own a polaroid camera or go abroad as an exchange student. But it doesn't stop 'cause as soon as I'm crossing something of off my bucket list, it has been replaced by 10 other things to do before I die.

Are you going to accomplish all before you die? Well, that's a question that the hopefully old me will answer ;)

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  1. Super mooi bucketlistje!
    Ik heb geen bucketlist, ik weet ook niet of het iets voor mij is. Voor m'n blog heb ik wel eens lijstjes gemaakt, maar ze mislukken altijd! Haha.
    En dankjewel voor je complimentje! Lief. De bananapancakes zijn echt heel lekker ;) ik zou ze zeeeeeker maken! Super makkelijk ook :). Liefs!


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