October photo challenge 9 - 16


My second batch of photo's for the photo challenge. I apologize in advance for the computer pics but this week I spent alot of time working for my sister and I need a computer for that ;).

So here is the sneak peek in my week (I can rhyme :) )

9. friend//He's my best friend these days. That sounds very sad but now that I'm helping my sister I don't see my friends very often and he keeps me company, every day!

10. enjoy// I can really enjoy good food. This maybe looks not that tasty but is very yummie! It are vegetarian balls with sweet and sour sauce.

11. comfort// This is the best bed at my sisters. It's very comfy and I sleep very good in it wich is suprising because I'm a very bad sleeper.

12. experience// My promised computer pic. I'm following an online course of Photoshop. I only did 2 lessons but I'm going to be a pro, or try to be ;)

13. I smell...//crème brûlée. I really like this, especially the crunchy crust on top!

14. Black & white// Max is the white dog and Thor the black. There is another brown dog, Jos ;). Max is the youngest and Jos the oldest.

15. My afternoon// I spend my afternoon making an album about my Erasmus experience in Valencia. It took me about 5 hours to make just one, and I have another one waiting to be made!

16. accessory//I'm in the middle of making some necklaces. I like making my own jewlery.

I still like this challenge but sometimes it's a little difficult to come op with ideas. But I'm still making pictures, so keep you post-it!

Till nex time!

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