To bitstrip or not to bitstrip


Bitstrips, it's a new phenomena in Facebook and smartphone-land. I
saw them appearing on Facebook since a few weeks and now everybody
is bitstripping themselves.

Bitstrips exist for a longer time but now it's also turned into an app and this makes it easier for people to share their bitstripped selves.

But what is a bitstrip?
If you asked me a few weeks ago, I would have looked at you as if you were speaking about a computer or something technical. Now I know better ;).

You design a cartoon version of yourself and your friends can design one too. Then you can make a comic about you and your friends. You have to connect with Facebook so you instantly see which friends joined the hype. The scenes are already made, you're just dropped in it even without casting ;).
You can design a bitstrip for whatever mood you are in and in the setting that you want.

Of course I made some of myself and a few with my boyfriend!


Like every Facebook-hype this one also has his opponents. There are already people that had enough of them. On one side I can't blame them because Facebook is now flooded with this kind of status updates but I still like them. I like the sometimes impossible and funny situations that are proposed.
It's a hype that will blow over sooner or later, like any hype. But in the meantime,
Raya has powers!

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4 fijne reacties

  1. I've seen this on facebook but I never looked into it. I might now though :-)

  2. Ik heb deze app zelf nog niet :) Misschien dat ik er binnenkort wel voor bezwijk :p


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